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 Wats Up! Fresh in Da House

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PostSubject: Wats Up! Fresh in Da House   Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:21 am

Hello community. Im new here. Im very good in cod games, and im very competitive. I currently have 2 ps3's. 1 jailbroken and the other one just regular to play online. The only game i hack on is mw2, i play legit on Cod BO. Im very experienced with forumotion and vBulletin. I have a vbulletin(paid forum) website and are very hard to manage, but im flawless in it. So yea that's pretty much it.

I got too psn accounts:
Fresh2Death1337(play around account)
Smooth-Roast(Tryhard account)

(Ah and hmm admin u might want to change the title range to unlimited or 0. 10 to 225 is too much.
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Wats Up! Fresh in Da House
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