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 staff openings: Recruiter

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PostSubject: staff openings: Recruiter   Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:52 pm

just wanted to throw out, that alot of members isnt necessarily always a good thing. and looking all over the web for members is good to an extent, but we should close recruitment unless they are very good, 2.00 K/D (of course K/D doesnt mean anything, but have that type of skill) then they should tryout. pubs are a great way to find players as well, more secifically FFA and SnD as experienced players tend to play those most. We should also hold practices to to scrim against eachother, as practice using MLG variant settings for our scrims against eachother. we should contact other clans for scrims (not clan battles) amd practice that way as well. i suggest maiking it a time when most people are on, or our GB teams are on at least.
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staff openings: Recruiter
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