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 Tips / Suggestion on class

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PostSubject: Tips / Suggestion on class   Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:41 pm

Hey everyone, i'm new but i wanted to put forth my efforts to help the community.

Alot of people I talked to have said they never used the Ak74U. So I will explain and give some general tips.

First the load out:

Grip (keeps the spray very close)
Rapid Fire (turns from a 3 second to empty clip to a 2 second) This is IMPORTANT it will drastically lower your TTK (time to kill)

Any Pistol - I prefer Python


Hardline Pro
Marathon/Second Chance

Basic Strategy:

Simply remember that ADS(aiming down sights) will be necessary to not waste ammo. The AK74u being an SMG will have amazing accuracy. Coupled with the grip you receive almost no recoil. When traveling stay on the outskirts of the map. Continue to look into the middle but do not venture out there. You become a sitting duck when in the center, as you are visible to all on the outside. Always sprint but remember as you come to a corner STOP and walk. The one who gets the first shot off will be the victor in many cases.

Do not be afraid of long range shots. The AK74U is an assault rifle and will be able to pull off long range as long as you burst fire.
Remember that with hardline pro you can also help you team by changing their packages. Or changing an enemies before you steal it.

Well I hope this gave some insight and help..

Reply if you want me to add any other.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips / Suggestion on class   Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:39 am

I like scavanger slight of hand and marathon for my ak74, but I've been diggin the famas lately.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips / Suggestion on class   Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:19 am

everyone makes the mistake of using hardline and warlord heres what i think is better:

AK74U - Silenced .... Yes it's a bit bad for long range but you wont really need the range on the maps you use this. Also the silenced kicks recoil off a bit so its sorta like a grip except you dont show up on radarr

Ligthweight Pro - Oh your enemy is outta range? Oh thats cool, you can just run around the corner before he realizes it

Marathon Pro - Unlimited run, with lightweight bro = madness... Always keep running

Sleight of hand PRO - Faster ADS with any gun except snipers.. this is a must if you have marathon.... youll just run, find some guy, aim quicker than him and be done with it, reload is like 1 sec or less... on to the next target

Decoy - If you get trapped somewhere, hide and throw this shhitt and wait for them to check it out

Motion sensor - if you plan on camping or r playing SD, put this down

I hope you don't dont start using this cuz then i may not look as good Sad ahah
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PostSubject: Re: Tips / Suggestion on class   Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:49 pm

the best class i use is

ak74u with grip + rapid fire
akimbo pistol

warlord pro (extrra grenades and nova gas) ( very good for domination and for seeing if enemies r der cuz u get hit markers wif nova gas)
marathon pro
flakjacket pro (good for domination)

tactical insertion

this is what i use
for domination but i use it for most of the other game modes too its ownage Very Happy:D:D
unless its laggy then too bad
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PostSubject: Re: Tips / Suggestion on class   Sat Jan 22, 2011 5:15 pm

Rysco's Loadout:

If you arent an SMG guy heres a class set up i use for long to mid range fire fights.

Ak47 with Red dot and SILENCER: The Ak is hands down the best assault rifle in the game, It is the counterpart for the Ak74u which is its smg partner in crime, the Ak is strong in almost every aspect of firefights, its spray is reduced with the silencer, and having those sights is real nice for the long range, i like to use customized red-dot sights making the do two arrows with a dot in the middle, the dot itself is green on top of blue lenses, really sharpens up the view.

M1911 custom with extended mag, really nice side arm capable of taking down at least two enemies if your quick with it.

Semtex or Tomahawk if your good with the toma, (tomahawk really helps out the close range encounters)

Flash bangs


Ghost pro: Staying off the radar and gunships are key keeps your enemies from knowing where you are and keeps those gay snipers with infareds from seeing you coming, also helps when theres an attack helicopter or some shit going on.

Warlord pro: Double tomahawks is REALLY nice, you ever throw your tomahawk and lose it somewhere? well now you have another one. top that with 3 flash bangs your good to go buddy.

Ninja Pro: Silence is key. You get to run around and not make a sound. Your guy wont call out "medic" or something gay like that when somone dies around you and whnever you reload. You can hear people from a mile away and judge where they are coming from with it. The only downside to this is CLAYMORES. Always check your corners, its not hard if you take the time to see the lines coming from the claymore around corners, if you see the lines throw one of your flashes, and check for the claymore. If your not sure throw it anyways. chances are there might be somone there anyways and a blind opponent is a dead opponent. (in most cases) unless for some god forgiving reason they are using tac mask pro.

Killstreaks: Spyplane, Napalm, Cobra.

Stay with the classic help your team out while you flank the shit out of your opponent.

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PostSubject: Re: Tips / Suggestion on class   

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Tips / Suggestion on class
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