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 mannen 2, trying to get a clan

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mannen 2, trying to get a clan Empty
PostSubject: mannen 2, trying to get a clan   mannen 2, trying to get a clan EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 5:24 am

Whats Your Real Name? Ole Kristian
Whats Your PSN? mannen2
Do You Have A Mic? Not yet, but i might get one in the and of the month

What Level Are You On Black Ops? 42 in my way to 3rd prestige. ( level 42 2nd prestige)

How Old Are You? 14 getting 15 in april

Whats Your Time Zone? Norway

Would You Be Active On Our Forums/Site? maybe, if i get accepted

Where Did You Hear About Us? searched on google

K/D i'm not sure but some around 1,30 ? around 8000 kills and 6000+ deaths.

I almost only play tdm, but sometimes i play domination aswell. i do not play anything else.

Favorite weapon is the ak's, yes both the ak-47 and the 74u

When Are You Free For A Tryout? weekends

Tell Us A Little About Yourself.

I first started with SOCOM fireteam bravo 3 on the psp with my brother online (i know, lol) i liked it VERY good at the time. and then i bought a ps3 and i borrowed call of duty 4 from a friend, and i just fell i love. i didn't play it long, i played about a weekend and got to lvl 25 (my friend wanted it back) then i ordered call of duty 5 world at war. i decided to skip mw2, because of all the flaws of it (noobtubes,quickscoping so on) and i love ww2 too (i don't like that many millions of people died,but just the, i can't describe it, i also like the vietnam war, but i can't find a good vietnam game.) and i fell in love with world at war aswell. i reached lvl 60 until i got bored with the game. in waw it is A LOT harder to level up and at the time i was, i guess a noob, i was definietley not as expirianced as i am now. i did also play some red dead redemption, but my internet sucks so i couldn't play online in rdr. but i can play online in cod games. i got the undead nightmare pack aswell. i got black ops the week after it were released and i have been played ever since. almost every day. total playtime is around 3 days and 10 hours i think. and now i want to join a clan. if i don't get accepted in to the clan, can you give me a link where i can might join a other clan ? thanks for your time - Mannen2

P.S sorry for my bad writing and grammar, i'm norwegian and 14 years old. and it is very late here in scandinavia

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mannen 2, trying to get a clan Empty
PostSubject: Re: mannen 2, trying to get a clan   mannen 2, trying to get a clan EmptyThu Jan 06, 2011 5:51 am

Alright, you will need to add Too-FkN-SkilleD and ExCeL_Sk1ttlez (Be sure to put 'ExCeL Tryout' in the message so we know who you are).

Please be patient!

Good luck!
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mannen 2, trying to get a clan
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