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Welcome to Team ExCeLs Website.
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 Team Excel Application

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PostSubject: Team Excel Application   Team Excel Application EmptyThu Feb 17, 2011 10:52 am

Whats Your Real Name?
Whats Your PSN?
Do You Have A Mic?
What Level Are You On Black Ops?
43 2nd prestiege
How Old Are You?
Whats Your Time Zone?
GMT 10:00 Hawaii
Would You Be Active On Our Forums/Site?
Where Did You Hear About Us?
Black Ops Forums
When Are You Free For A Tryout?
Everyday. Weekdays I will be home at 630 for track season which lasts till april.
Tell Us A Little About Yourself.
I am japanese. I do track, football, and wrestling. I am also a Final fantasy fan lol.
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Team Excel Application
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