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  ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application

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 ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application Empty
PostSubject: ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application    ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 10:23 am


Whats Your Real Name?
Whats Your PSN?
ITz-SNIPEX-ITz or mattrost01
Whats Your KDR?
on mw2 for SNIPEX it aint too good about 0.95, on black ops havent been on it yet, on mw2 for mattrost01 its like 1.21 or something and 1.3something for black ops
Do You Have A Mic?
i do indeed
What Level Are You On Black Ops?
like 47 for mattrost01
How Old Are You?
Whats Your Time Zone?
Would You Be Active On Our Forums/Site?
quite, i go on the computer rather a lot
Where Did You Hear About Us?
on hupit gaming
When Are You Free For A Tryout?
whenever, im on a lot
Tell Us A Little About Yourself.
ok so i play football, i run for a club and i used to play guitar, i can be quite mature as i can get on with adults and older teenagers but i can get on with most people if theyre not stupidly annoying
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 ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application Empty
PostSubject: Re: ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application    ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 10:34 am

Alright man, you will need to add iiReMix4 (Be sure to put 'ExCeL Tryout' in the message so we know who you are).

Good luck!
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ITz-SNIPEX-ITz application
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