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 Hey guys, just a suggestion

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PostSubject: Hey guys, just a suggestion   Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:27 am

Art Directory Suggestion

Hey guys, i just wanted to suggest something to the admins, for the people intrested in art on this forum. I would like to suggest adding an art section to the forum, and adding and Art group, that wouldnt NOT serve a part, we would be the ones to put in the backround pictures on the forums, make the banners, and overall make the forum look pretty. This is a plus for both of us because : Admins dont have to 'struggle' to try and make the forum look nice, while the 'arties' get to do what they love, while helping recruit new members with the nice presentation. Along with directing the presentation of the forum, i would also like to add an art section of the forum. The things it will do for us is that it will help people with art help, whether they need help with a project, want and avatar, signature, or if they just want to talk art. The last thing i would like to suggest is (as i have many times before) a PS. PS stands for Point System, so the people running the art shops can actually 'charge' people with something. As of now all art shops (which is just me lol) they have to be of no charge. So to recap all of my suggestions and additions i would like to add to the forum and groups ::

Forum Additions
~Add an art section to the forum -
---It will help people find the Avi/Siggy shops
---The 'arties' will be able to chat easily.
---We will be a source of help for people.

Group Addition
~Add an art group to the groups
---It will allow us of some authority
---We can change the "look" of the forum
---It will attract new members

PS Suggestion
~Arties can charge people for their work (Avi's, Siggys, banners, etc.)
---We feel good Razz
---We dont give away our work away for free.
---Having a PS will be good so that we have something to giveaway (for contests, giveaways etc.)

So thats my proposition, hopefully you will enjoy my suggestions, consider them, and maybe even add them onto the forum. Smile

------------Gigawolf135, Josh
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PostSubject: Re: Hey guys, just a suggestion   Mon Jan 03, 2011 12:59 am

Sounds like a good idea.

We will have a GFX Team which makes all the banners and such Smile

I will figure a way to find out who should lead the GFX Group

Edit: I dont know how we can do the Point System idea though.
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Hey guys, just a suggestion
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